Black Royalty

Empowering Minority Creators: A Scalable Platform for Diversity and Inclusion in the Digital Space

Our project made extensive use of cutting-edge software technologies to build the backbone of the platform. For the front-end development, we utilized Next.js, a powerful framework for building server-side rendered React applications, ensuring fast, efficient, and scalable web development. On the back-end, MongoDB was chosen as our database solution, providing a flexible schema for storing creator details and video metadata. This setup was crucial for managing the dynamic content of the platform. For authentication and security, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) were implemented, reinforcing our commitment to secure access and data protection.
The aesthetics of the platform were carefully crafted to create a welcoming and engaging environment for users. Utilizing Next.js for the front-end allowed us to design a visually appealing layout that effectively showcased featured creators through the home page and individual creator pages. The emphasis was on creating a cohesive and attractive design that highlights the content while providing a seamless user experience. This approach ensured that the platform was not only functional but also visually stimulating, encouraging users to explore and engage with the content.
Functionality was a key focus of our project, aimed at enriching the user experience and streamlining platform management. Personalized creator pages were developed to display video content sourced from Amazon S3, along with detailed "About the Creator" sections, ensuring each creator's page was informative and dynamic. The admin panel was equipped with content management tools for adding new creators and uploading videos, demonstrating our ability to implement complex web functionalities that facilitate easy platform updates and content management.
Our project featured critical integrations to enhance platform performance and user experience. The integration of Amazon S3 for video storage ensured efficient and scalable management of video content, highlighting our expertise in leveraging cloud storage solutions. The deployment of the application on Heroku demonstrated our ability to utilize cloud-based hosting services for deploying scalable web applications. These integrations ensured seamless communication between the platform's components, from front-end displays to back-end logic and external storage solutions, showcasing our comprehensive approach to creating a cohesive and fully integrated digital platform.